What’s the OLOR USA?

OLOR USA is a brand that specializes in producing antimicrobial products that have been rigorously tested by globally accepted organizations to improve the environment exposed to various microbials.

OLOR USA is 100% produced in Korea with proprietary technology and puts brand value on top of its list to meet the expectation of our valued customers.

Why we use Antimicrobial Cell Phone Case?

About120,000germs are breeding in our hands, which are more than 10 times more contaminated than toilet seats and cause various diseases. Then, is my cell phone safe to touch everyday?

Over the past five years, we have developed various technologies to launch the most effective and reliable OLOR USA antimicrobial cell phone case. Cell phones are a necessity in our daily lives, and we confidently present OLOR USA antimicrobial cell phone cases to enhance the hygiene of our children, friends, co-workers, and parents.

Is the OLOR USA reliable?

OLOR USA antimicrobial cell phone case has been certified with more than 99% antimicrobial effect tested by globally recognized test laboratories, and is an eco-friendly, non-toxic product made only from TPU and natural Calcium Oxide.

"I used sanitizers everyday because I was so nervous about the coronavirus and the flu. After using this phone case, I feel so much better, and it is convenient since I do not have to clean it!"


12 JULY 2020

"I was so concerned every time I saw my children playing games on my phone and sucking their fingers. I knew it would be unsanitary, especially during this pandemic, so I changed my phone case and now I am relaxed. I think antimicrobial products are extremely helpful and essential nowadays!"


20 JULY 2020

"I knew that antimicrobial phone cases are great, but it was the pricings that deterred my decision. It felt unsanitary to use my original phone case with all the germs. OLOR is domestically manufactured, but the pricing is still reasonable! I plan on buying the cases also for my family."


28 JULY 2020

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